Welcome to Bonafide ADA

We are an Irish couple who are dedicated to the growth and adoption of the Cardano ecosystem.

Our stake pool is comprised of enterprise grade hardware that is operated and maintained to the highest standards, by Dennis. Our mission is to provide our ADA delegators with a bonafide staking service and a reliable source of passive income, while providing educational content for those new to Cardano and cryptocurrency.

Shauna will be actively promoting and raising awareness of Cardano’s technology and societal benefits through our social media accounts, while providing full communication and support to our delegators and the Cardano community.

We welcome you to join us by delegating to our pool. Together, we can help secure and strengthen the Cardano ecosystem and build a better global financial operating system.


Intro Video

Enterprise Infrastructure

We have invested in the best infrastructure using multiple servers across diverse locations, 2 relay and backup nodes and 24/7 monitoring and alerting systems ensuring maximum uptime so we won't miss any assigned blocks to us!


As a new pool, we have invested 25k ADA to show our commitment to operating a bonafide staking service and our mission to contribute to the world's most decentralised ecosystem.


We are already producing regular blocks each epoch providing our delegators with consistent staking rewards!

6A233A23... 003F47D7
April 20th 2021, 2:48:19pm UTC

First Mainnet Block
ad05590d... 94cce6ef
March 29th 2021. 6:52:58pm UTC

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