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The Bonafide team is growing!

We are delighted to announce that Bonafide Stakepool is expanding with the addition of Edrick Renan to the team.

Edrick is a Software Engineer based in Ireland and will greatly add to our technical capabilities and skillset.


On joining the team, Edrick added:

“I’ve been working in software engineering for six years. Over the years, I have worked for different companies building different software, from a tax management platform for the government back in Brazil to a Mobile application that helps companies run their business flows from anywhere. I am currently working on an employee communication platform. I have tried different technologies throughout the years but focused more on back-end development with Java, relational and non-relational databases, logging, monitoring, and alerting tools. At the beginning of the pandemic, I started reading about Cryptocurrencies. One project caught my attention because of its mission and the friendly community I saw on Twitter, and yes, that was Cardano. Since then, I have decided that I would like to be involved in the protocol. So, I recently started learning Haskell and Plutus and recently finished the IOHK stake pool course to learn about the system architecture in place.”

Plutus is the native programming language of the Cardano blockchain and knowledge of it is required in the creation of Decentralised Applications (D’Apps) on the network.


Smart Contract platforms like Cardano, Ethereum & Solana are in an arms race against each other to prove that their network can scale as they onboard new users, while not compromising in security and decentralisation. ‘Hydra’ is a layer 2 scalability solution and is poised to play a major role in how Cardano scales and aims to ‘maximize throughput, minimize latency, incurring low to no costs, and greatly reducing storage requirements’.
As iterations of Hydra are released in the coming months, the Bonafide team aim to have the skills and resources to participate in the hydra protocol and to contribute to Cardano’s race to scale and outperform its competitors.
If you would like to learn more about Hydra, you can check out IOHKs lates blog here.
Recent comments by ‘Ktorz’ an IOHK developer working on Hydra illustrates how it will require Plutus proficiency:
‘Something not everyone realizes is that a Hydra head is “yet-another-DApp“. It uses on-chain smart validators, it interacts with a cardano-node, observes the chain etc.. It’s a DApp for creating off-chain mini ledgers on-demand that can settle on the layer 1′.



Along with the Hydra protocol, Bonafide aim to partner with upcoming Cardano projects who elect to utilise Stakepool teams to participate in their projects development and infrastructure.


Dennis is the owner / operator of BonafideADA Stakepool. He has a degree in Architectural Technology and works as BIM Manager at an Architectural practice in Dublin. In his spare time, he operates the pool and helps provide educational content for new delegators to grow the pool and increase the adoption of Cardano.

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