Fee Structure

A very low 0.5% margin fee will apply until we reach an active stake of over 3million in the pool, where it will increase to 2% thereafter.

This fee structure was carefully considered to provide our delegators with maximum rewards, while allowing us to continue to publish educational content as we grow.

Please read the ’Fees’ section in our recent  blog ‘How to choose a Stakepool’ to understand the limited affects of increased margin fees on staking rewards in relation to pool sizes.




25,000 ADA

Cost Per Epoch

340 ADA (minimum allowed)

Pool Margin


Blog Posts

Why is Cardano a top Cryptocurrency project?

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How To Buy ADA

Interested in buying Cardano (ADA) and staking it? Here’s our walkthrough on how to buy ADA. We’ve used Binance in our explanation, but you can use other major exchanges which will have similar processes.   Disclaimer: This information should not

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What is Staking?

Cryptocurrencies that use ‘Proof of Stake’ (PoS) protocols and offer rewards for ‘Staking’ have gained more spotlight lately. This is likely due to the increased media attention surrounding crypto, and because Elon Musk and Tesla reversed their decision to accept

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Cardano ADA now available on Coinbase

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