Earn Passive income by staking your ADA with us.

Cardano’s native coin, ADA, is minted by stake pool operators running the Cardano network. ADA holders can delegate their ADA to our bonafide stakepool to earn on average 5% rewards annually, paid out every 5 days in ADA!


Why Invest In ADA?

Exciting 2021 Roadmap:

Cardano is regarded as a 3rd generation blockchain which a sustainable consensus mechanism ‘proof of stake’. The network has just launched their ‘Mary’ Upgrade bringing Native Assets to the blockchain. This has contributed to Cardano breaking into the top  3 cryptocurrencies in the world, only behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Smart Contracts is coming in Q2 of 2020 along with a number of announcements regarding partnerships and contracts in the developing world, particularly on the African continent.


Cardano has three independent organizations contributing to the development: Cardano Foundation, Emurgo, and IOHK. IOHK is the development team for Cardano. They have almost 300 employees around the world and have logged more GitHub commits than any other cryptocurrencies in the past year.


With over 2000 active staking pools, Cardano is the most decentralized blockchain in the world and will be 100% decentralised on March 31st 2021.

What is Staking?

In contrast to a proof of work system, like Bitcoin, where everyone tries to solve a riddle to mine a block and get a reward, it’s more like a lottery in Cardano’s a proof of stake system. It’s the first proof of stake system that has mathematically been shown to be provably secure.


Why Choose Us?


200k Pledge

As a new pool, we have invested 200k ADA to show our commitment to operating a bonafide staking service and our mission to become contributed to the world's most decentralised ecosystem.


Low Margin Fee – 2%

Our low margin fee provides a greater return on staking for our delegators.


Secure and Reliable

We have invested in the best infrastructure using multiple servers across diverse locations, and 24/7 monitoring and alerting systems ensuring maximum uptime so we won't miss any assigned blocks to us!


Latest news regarding BonafideADA, Cardano, or from the crytpocurrency world!

  • Learn more about how Coinbase's decision to include Cardano’s (ADA) community on its main and pro platform. Users will be able to start trading the cryptocurrency in all supported regions

  • Africa has seen significant growth in terms of technological development in recent years with the expansion of its internet infrastructure and growing adoption in the region. As Cardano has recently

  • Cryptocurrencies that use ‘Proof of Stake’ (PoS) protocols and offer rewards for ‘Staking’ have gained more spotlight lately. This is likely due to the increased media attention surrounding crypto, and


We are an Irish based pool owned and operated by a group of friends, who decided to invest in Cardano at an early stage as we saw the potential for it to provide a fair and decentralized financial operating system to all parts of the world, including where it is needed most – the developing world. 

Our backgrounds range from IT and Virtual Design / Architecture to Construction. Working day today with the digital advancements in the AEC industry, we are very aware of the benefits of open source information, interoperability, and sustainability – all key components we recognize and appreciate in Cardano!

Cardano is the first blockchain project to be developed from a scientific philosophy, and the only one to be designed and built by a global team of leading academics and engineers. We aim to contribute to a system that can ‘bank the unbanked’, giving millions of people in the developing world economic identity and a chance for equality. We don’t believe people should be disadvantaged due to a geographical lottery they were born into!


4 Servers for our block producing node, 2 relay nodes and a backup node

Strict firewall configurations for our Block Producer

Fail2Ban malicious

24/7 Monitoring Every Node


Linux Ubuntu 20.04

Geo Diverse Locations


We know that in order to achieve your trust Bonafide ADA has to be built with reliability, scalability and security at its core.

24/7 monitoring and alerting systems to ensure Performance and Uptime.

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